Rand Robinson Engineering no longer sells parts for KRs, but Steve Glover at http://www.NVaero.com has taken on the cause and is now offering quick delivery on a wide selection of KR parts and plans. Contact NVaero at 1-800-515-4811 or info@nvaero.com. Steve built KR2 N902G (shown above), which has won several awards at the KR Gathering.


KRnet is an independently-operated free KR email list service where more than 650 individual KR builders exchange information about building and flying KR aircraft. Visit KRnet's site at http://www.krnet.org for links to over 100 KR websites, with KRs either under construction, or completed and flying. This is one of the most active online homebuilt aircraft groups in the world! And while you're there, subscribe to the free, no-spam email list and start your KR education.

The "Official" 2015 KR Gathering will be held at McMinnville, Oregon. (MMV), and will be hosted by Dan Pritchard this year. The date is September 4th through 7th, 2015. . You can expect about 10-20 KRs to fly in for the Gathering, depending on the weather (and whether or not the FAA has shut down general aviation at the time). This is THE place to put your hands on real KR aircraft so don't miss it! If you're light and lucky, you might just get a ride in one.


The Speed of Building, the Speed of Flight
The Economical KR System

When Ken Rand designed his KR-1 in 1972, he also pioneered a state-of-the-art foam-and-fiberglass composite construction method which has now become standard in homebuilt, commercial, and military aircraft. The KR’s strength-to-weight ratio is superior to conventional construction methods, and the ease of shaping compound curves produces fast, clean surfaces that even the novice can master. The resulting aircraft are lightweight and trailerable.

The KR-1 is the single seat low wing retractable monoplane which is typically powered by smaller VW engines, up to the VW 2100. The KR-1B motorglider is a standard KR-1 with modified outer wing sections. With this simple wing conversion, the original KR-1 becomes an excellent self-powered glider.

The KR-2 is a high speed two-place side-by-side monoplane. As with all KR's, the KR-2 is equipped with removable wings, and your choice of fixed conventional or tricycle gear.

The KR-2S is the latest KR in the fleet. It includes a 16 inch stretch in the fuselage over the standard KR-2, more head and leg room and pre-molded parts available, including wing skins. Its stylish raked canopy and fixed landing gear give it a racy appearance that is only exceeded by its performance. The KR-2S will accomodate engines including VW's, Corvairs, Continental C-85's and O-200's, and Subarus.

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Contact Steve Glover at info@nvaero.com, call 1-800-515-4811, or visit the NVaero webpage for KR parts and plans.